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Was your business able to handle the curveball of a global pandemic?

We understand the frustration created by endless technology choices. And in this uncertain economy, how and where you invest in your business and being able to adapt quickly is more important than ever.

Our Fractional CIO’s will help your business:
  • Align technology with changing business needs
  • Implement vendor-agnostic solutions. We operate in a fiduciary capacity for your business
  • Create short- and long-range plans designed to maximize your tech ROI
Do you lay awake at night wondering if your business will be the next data breach story on the news?

We know security can feel like an anxiety-inducing impossible task, but it does not have to be that way.

With help from our Trusted Security Professionals your business will:
  • Achieve 24x7 peace of mind with a multi-layered, measured approach
  • Partner with experts who customize solutions for YOUR specific needs and risk levels
  • Align security objectives with overall business goals, compliance needs and budget
Do first ring answers and 20-minute resolution times really matter if you must call in the same issue 5 times a week?

We get how frustrating repeat technology issues can be. That is why our service is designed to reduce unplanned technology noise by up to 90%.

The WEBIT Help Desk team will:
  • Make sure they fully understand your problem and expectations
  • Work together with our other teams to identify root causes and solve problems rather than applying a bandage
  • Show patience and compassion with every engagement
Is your business struggling to maximize investments made in off-the-shelf software solutions?

We understand the challenge of running your unique business with software designed for the masses

Our Development team can help:
  • Create new applications from scratch (including web and mobile apps)
  • Leverage Business Intelligence (BI) and create dashboards
  • Customize or enhance existing applications
Is the “Cloud” just another IT buzzword that creates confusion?

If you ask 10 people what the Cloud is, you are likely to get a dozen answers or more. And they may all be correct. We understand the importance business objectives have on any IT project, especially Cloud solutions.

When you partner with WEBIT on Cloud Solutions you can expect:
  • Scalable solutions – your capabilities grow as you do
  • Customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your business
  • Guidance driven by business outcomes and strategic vision
Sometimes referred to as “Hybrid-Cloud” or “Private-Cloud”, data center solutions could be a good strategic decision for your organization.

But with all the choices out there, how do you know what is best for your needs or what questions to even ask?

WEBIT strategic guidance can help your Data Center choices by:
  • Providing a full cost/benefit analysis of moving your infrastructure to a data center
  • Helping to identify the right questions to ask for your specific situation
  • Provide the “lift and shift” capabilities to get your office moved with little to no downtime
Is your company exposed to data loss, theft or legal issues in Microsoft Office 365 or Google G-Suite?

When you read the fine print, Microsoft recommends using a 3rd party backup solution for all your corporate data and makes no guarantees for recovery in the event of an outage.

With the new Protect My SaaS service from WEBIT you can:
  • Ensure your cloud data is protected and recoverable
  • Protect yourself from legal issues due to employee maleficence
  • Add a layer of protection from ransomware and other cyber crimes
Have you ever experienced downtime that was a lot longer than you expected?

Was it because no one ever explained the difference between data backup and true Business Continuity to you? Not understanding these gaps could cost your business tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or worse.

When your business is protected with WEBIT True Continuity we will:
  • Identify all your mission critical systems and data to help formulate the best continuity plan
  • Help you understand Recovery Point, Recovery Time, and Retention objectives
  • Create a continuity plan that meets business requirements, budgets, and expectations
Does “everything is slow” describe your users experience with technology?

Even if you are a predominantly cloud based organization, there is still a “backbone” that routes your data, application, and information systems. If they are not properly designed and maintained, your users could be paying a high price in lost productivity.

Whether virtual or physical, networking services from WEBIT will:
  • Identify bottlenecks in your systems and create holistic solutions to solve problems
  • Ensure your data structures align with security best practices
  • Help your users work in the most efficient manner
Is your office expanding or moving?

Cabling is a lot of times an afterthought, but it remains the backbone of communications in your office. Even your wireless networks rely on properly installed cabling for the access points to function correctly.

With structured cabling services from WEBIT you will:
  • Be assured that you have the right cabling for your specific business needs
  • Have properly installed cable, including length limits to prevent future network problems
  • Know that everything meets or exceeds local code requirements
Has a shift to a predominantly remote workforce exposed holes in your communication systems?

The convergence of voice and data has allowed forward thinking companies the opportunity to gain efficiencies in the new “work from anywhere” environment.

WEBIT communication strategies allow your company to:
  • Adopt a system that fits with your technology stack and organizational needs
  • Let your team work from anywhere while maintaining a corporate presence
  • Leverage cloud technologies to reduce spend on communications infrastructure
HIPAA, PCI, SOC, GDPR, DFARS, the list goes on and on.

Is your organization regulated or have some form of compliance requirements? Or are you concerned about the new requirements insurance companies are placing on businesses to qualify for Cyber-Insurance?

When you partner with WEBIT to manage your technology, we will help with compliance by:
  • Making sure you understand all aspects of requirements and who is responsible for them
  • Leveraging the NIST framework as a guidepost for ongoing compliance adherence
  • Providing highly skilled and trained resources with decades of industry specific experience