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Shadow IT | What it is, why it matters, and how to fix it

New technology and applications are developed every day. Some of them may even make jobs easier. If you discover a program that improves your productivity, do you know the process for downloading a new app onto your work computer? Does a procedure exist? Does it matter?

If your internal or external IT team doesn't know when or what applications users download, you may fall into shadow IT. Shadow IT is a term used to describe IT work performed "in the shadows" without the knowledge of the IT team.

3 Ways business strategy affects IT solutions

How can you know if an IT solution will help your business grow? Will it work for the long-term or short-term? And is your IT solution something that meets both your needs and your budget?

Your IT provider can help you answer these questions to the best of its ability, but it's more challenging to match a client to an IT solution without insight into the client's long-term business goals and strategies.

What makes a good IT onboard?

When you begin a new IT partnership, what does the start of that relationship look like? How do you avoid future frustrations by building a solid foundation?

While the timeframe and exact definition may vary between IT providers, onboarding is generally the first 30 days of a new IT partnership between provider and client.

7 Tips to avoid social phishing

Phishing is the number one method of attack delivery for everything from ransomware to credential theft. Phishing is a popular email attack, but other types of phishing have been growing rapidly.

In recent years, phishing over social media has skyrocketed by 500%. There has also been a 100% increase in fraudulent social media accounts.