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6 Tools to protect your backups

There are about 140,000 hard drive crashes in the US weekly. Every five years, 20% of SMBs suffer data loss due to a significant disaster.

Simply backing up data isn't enough anymore. Instead, backing up has morphed into data protection. So what can companies do now to protect their valuable data?

WEBIT Services has helped hundreds of clients develop and execute effective IT strategies for over 25 years.

Mobile devices for your business | 5 Questions to consider

Professional mobile devices like tablets are growing in popularity across various industries. But have you wondered if they may benefit your business, as well? If so, how do you start using tablets and similar devices as professional tools?

We've outlined five questions to help you determine how mobile devices may fit into your business, IT system, and IT policies.

3 Tips to avoid phishing and smishing scams

Imagine you receive a text from the CEO asking for your help. They're visiting customers, but someone forgot to provide gift cards for these visits. So the CEO needs you to buy six $200 gift cards and text the information.

Would this kind of request make you pause and wonder? Or would you quickly pull out your credit card to do as the message asked?

A surprising number of employees fall for this gift card scam and others.

5 Changes in technology in the last five years

Technology is in a constant state of change and improvement. Sometimes, it changes so frequently it's hard to keep up. So what are some significant trends in the last half-decade? Where is technology going, and how do you navigate it to your benefit?

We've collected a list of five major technological advancements—good and bad—since 2018. Some changes can help you streamline business functions and encourage growth, while others may increase IT risk.

How do IT providers help in an IT disaster?

If your business is hit with an IT disaster, do you have the tools and planning to respond effectively? Or are you scrambling to find solutions?

If you want to survive a disaster, it's best to be prepared for anything, including an unplanned IT system shutdown (known as an "IT disaster"). IT disasters knock you offline, halting productivity and potentially erasing valuable data.

IT disasters and recovery | What they look like with and without a plan

When IT systems fail, companies lose profits until systems come back online. If data backups aren't set up or fail, data vanishes, deleting hours, days, or even years of work and information.

So, what can organizations do to minimize downtime and protect data in a crisis?

Your company's internal IT department or external IT provider can help create an IT disaster and recovery system.