Trust is earned, not given freely. The word trust is often misused, overused, or turned into another marketing slogan or word plastered to an office wall. At WEBIT, we don’t just talk about trust – we live it every day. We take actions that demonstrate to our clients that we are worthy of their trust.

This is what you can expect from every interaction with WEBIT:

Proven Ethics

WEBIT is the proud recipient of the 2019 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics. This award celebrates an organization’s commitment to the highest standards of leadership character and organizational ethics. It shows that the organization employs practices that generate a high level of trust among their employees, customers, and communities.

No Commissions

All WEBIT employees participate in a singular company bonus program that is tied to the health of our organization with a counterbalance measurement in client satisfaction. No associate will ever recommend anything due to potential personal gain.

Managed Growth

WEBIT only brings on a maximum of two new clients per month. (For larger new clients with more than 50 employees, we only take on one per month). We do this because of the time it takes to start a new relationship properly. We want to make sure our existing clients don’t feel the pain of rapid growth, and it also gives us time to hire new employees as needed to keep up with client demand. If you grow too fast, your culture can suffer - so we intentionally restrict our growth to ensure the highest quality service delivery possible.

Open Book Finance

We teach financial literacy to all our employees, and we also share financials with our team. We trust them and teach them to use this information for the betterment of our clients and each other.


WEBIT is an employee owned company, which helps us attract servant leaders with an ownership mindset. People will support what they help create. We share the rewards of our work with our team, creating a culture where everyone is always vigilant about doing the right thing.

Relationship Driven

Any recommendation you receive from WEBIT will be based solely on the best interests of your organization – whether driven by an identified risk or alignment with a stated business goal.

Vendor Agnostic

WEBIT has many partnerships in the technology world, but we will never make a recommendation to your organization based on a vendor’s needs or initiatives. We cannot serve two masters effectively, and we will not partner with vendors who push their agendas as a condition of the relationship.