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What is proactive IT, and why does it matter?

Generally, people approach problems one of two ways: “I’ll deal with it when it arises” or “I’m going to prep for the issue before it starts.” In short, some people tend to be more reactive, while others are more proactive. But what does this look like for IT? And why does it matter?

Proactive IT means being aware of your IT systems, its risks, and how to mitigate risk.

6 Reasons to replace old hardware

Gartner Research recommends replacing computers every five years and laptops every four years. But why is this? What kind of issues and risks may arise in older hardware?

When your personal computer goes down, you lose time and gain frustration. Likewise, when essential business hardware malfunctions or is breached due to an unfixable security vulnerability, that business loses money each hour it's down.

6 Signs you have a good IT provider

How do you know if you're receiving quality IT service? It's easy to say, "Oh, we're good with IT! Everything is great," when there's not an IT crisis occurring. But can you be sure you have a quality IT provider in good times and bad?

Unfortunately, a "gut" feeling can't determine whether or not you have quality IT service.

4 Things IT providers cannot fix

When a client signs a contract with an IT provider, they want guarantees on the level of service and partnership they will receive. But are there problems an IT provider can't correct? Are there issues beyond even the most experienced providers?

As an IT provider, we've narrowed down four issues that providers cannot fix, regardless of their skill.

6 Tools to protect your backups

There are about 140,000 hard drive crashes in the US weekly. Every five years, 20% of SMBs suffer data loss due to a significant disaster.

Simply backing up data isn't enough anymore. Instead, backing up has morphed into data protection. So what can companies do now to protect their valuable data?

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