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With the explosion of ransomware attacks since the pandemic started, insurance companies are requiring better cybersecurity measures from the businesses they protect. Don’t maintain the security standards outlined in your policy and your insurance carrier can deny your claim. Yikes!

The good news is, by following cybersecurity best practices, you’ll be better protected against the next cyberattack. And if you do suffer a breach, your insurance will most likely cover it.

These free resources explain the important changes coming to cyber insurance and how you can stay ahead of them.

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Watch the Webinar

In our webinar, you’ll find advice on improving your security and understanding your cyber insurance policy, plus:

  • What these stricter cyber insurance requirements mean for you
  • The top-priority cybersecurity actions you need to take today
  • How to align your IT and insurance policies
  • And much more

Access all the great charts and stats from the webinar by downloading the presentation slides.

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Free Mini-Guide

As cyberattacks keep increasing, some carriers are getting out of cyber insurance altogether. Those that still provide it are raising premiums and making it tougher to get coverage. Organizations that can’t meet the carrier’s new stringent requirements risk having their claims denied or worse, being deemed un-insurable.

In this guide, we’ll help you understand what insurers expect from their policy holders and how to get your cybersecurity up to par.

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