What is a Wattbox?

A close-up photograph of a computer circuit board.

If your business is closed for the weekend, how do you know if your critical hardware is running correctly? Or do you come in Monday morning to an unpleasant surprise?

Often, the solution to a hardware issue is to reboot the equipment. For example, when something as complex as a server or firewall goes down, an IT field technician is often needed to reboot and examine the machine.

If mission-critical hardware goes down over the weekend, you start your work week waiting for the technician to arrive, and, depending on the hardware in question, productivity may be at a halt.

However, a device called the WattBox can monitor your critical hardware, reboot it, and alert your IT provider even when you're not in the office.

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By reading this article, you will learn more about what a WattBox is, what it does, and how it could potentially improve your business's IT setup.


The function of a WattBox

A WattBox is a variation of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or battery backup.

A UPS provides alternative power to critical devices during a power outage. Often, they provide just enough power to allow a clean shutdown. They also act as surge protectors.

A WattBox, on the other hand, has the additional function of "pinging" the devices attached to it. The ping tests the device's connectivity and functionality.

If the device is not connecting or functioning correctly, this alerts the WattBox to reboot the hardware. If a reboot does not work, the device is likely broken internally, and the WattBox will send an alert using Snap AV's OvrC app.


5 Benefits of using a WattBox

1. Offers hardware monitoring after hours

The WattBox will continue pinging and, if necessary, rebooting attached hardware even after everyone has gone home. This means there will be no nasty surprises when you come into the office the following day.

2. Saves time

The WattBox saves time by automatically rebooting hardware when needed—no more waiting for your IT technician to arrive or run tests.

If a technician is needed, they will have an alert from the WattBox identifying the faulty device, removing all guesswork.

3. Provides surge protection and emergency power

Because the WattBox is also a UPS, it gives any attached devices surge protection and limited emergency power.

Hardware plugged into the WattBox won't be damaged in an electrical surge.

In addition, it will provide power to the hardware in case of an outage. If the outage is brief, functionality is not interrupted. However, you have time to shut down devices cleanly in a prolonged outage, preventing data corruption.

4. Helps make your IT environment more resilient

Because of its UPS capabilities and its self-healing reboots, a WattBox helps build resilience in your IT system. In addition, hardware plugged into a WattBox is protected and monitored.

A resilient IT system will continue to carry on vital functions despite difficulties. Even if more slowly or with limited functionality, these systems continue to serve even in adverse conditions.

For example, a lightning storm causes a power surge and an outage. A WattBox provides resilience in protecting mission-critical hardware and systems from the surge and provides an emergency power source.

5. Helps with business continuity

The WattBox helps maintain productivity by utilizing healing reboots and doubling as a UPS.

Its self-healing reboots save valuable time and help get devices back up and running even after hours.

It removes the need for an IT technician to come on-site to reboot hardware.

It also protects and powers attached devices in power surges and outages, allowing your business to continue working even in less-than-ideal circumstances.

A disadvantage of using a WattBox

1. Price

WattBoxes are an investment and must be purchased through a vendor. Prices will vary based on size, functionality, and accessories.


Next steps to decide if a WattBox is right for you

You may be fit for a WattBox if you:

  • Would like to monitor the functionality of your mission-critical hardware even after hours.
  • Would prefer for essential hardware to reboot automatically.
  • Would prefer not to wait for your IT technician to reboot devices.
  • Would like the advantages of a UPS with additional functions.

However, a WattBox would not be a match for your business if you,

  • Are satisfied with your current IT setup.
  • Have an IT continuity or disaster recovery plan in place that does not require a WattBox.
  • Do not have a current budget to invest in a WattBox.

To learn more about WattBoxes, speak with your IT provider. It will help match you with the WattBox that best meets your needs. Your IT provider will also install, set up, configure, and maintain your WattBox to ensure its peak performance.

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