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We’re Moving!

On December 1st 2011, WEBIT Services will be moving into our new Corporate Headquarters located in the Meridian Tech Center in Aurora, IL. Our new office will be almost double in size to help facilitate our continued growth. We will be announcing an open house combined with our annual Helping Hand charity benefit sometime in mid-December.

WEBIT Wins Community Partner Award

On Friday October 28, 2011 we were very honored to learn that WEBIT Services has been named the Loaves & Fishes - 2011 Outstanding Community Partner of the year. As part of our Giving Back program, WEBIT Services donates time and IT Services to Loaves and Fishes and it is our privilege to work with such an amazing staff and volunteers.

WEBIT Tech Review – SMK-LINK Model VP6346

SMK-LINK Model VP6346 Review

By Chad Sullivan, WEBIT Senior Technician

Setup was a breeze on my Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate PC (this will work with XP, Vista, and Windows 7 - Best with Media Center Edition).  To install all I did was insert the USB receiver dongle into an available USB port on my pc then turn the SMK-LINK Ultra-Mini Keyboard on (switch located on the back of the keyboard).  Power switch is sunken into the plastic so you won't accidently hit it while using the device which is nice.

NEW WEBIT Early Warning Service Protects Clients from Disaster

WEBIT Services, Inc., a leading llinois based Managed Technology Services Provider, is pleased to announce the launching of its new WEBIT Early Warning Technology Protection Service.

“With the notable increase in the frequency and severity of destructive storms around the country, we felt that we needed to become as proactive as possible in protecting of our clients data and systems,” said Eric Rieger, president of WEBIT Services, Inc.

Your Copy Machine: A Serious Security Risk?

It seems that even the most innocuous machines in the workplace can serve as a security threat to companies. According to this report from CBS News, many office copiers save the images they copy on a dedicated hard disk installed inside them. This means that everything from mundane memos to your most sensitive information such as financial statements and contracts are stored – and could potentially extracted. So the next time you dispose of a copy machine, if you’re not sure what’s stored on it and how to get it off – give us a call to help out. To see the news report, watch this video.