6 Tools to protect your backups

There are about 140,000 hard drive crashes in the US weekly. Every five years, 20% of SMBs suffer data loss due to a significant disaster.

Simply backing up data isn't enough anymore. Instead, backing up has morphed into data protection. So what can companies do now to protect their valuable data?

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How do IT providers help in an IT disaster?

If your business is hit with an IT disaster, do you have the tools and planning to respond effectively? Or are you scrambling to find solutions?

If you want to survive a disaster, it's best to be prepared for anything, including an unplanned IT system shutdown (known as an "IT disaster"). IT disasters knock you offline, halting productivity and potentially erasing valuable data.

IT disasters and recovery | What they look like with and without a plan

When IT systems fail, companies lose profits until systems come back online. If data backups aren't set up or fail, data vanishes, deleting hours, days, or even years of work and information.

So, what can organizations do to minimize downtime and protect data in a crisis?

Your company's internal IT department or external IT provider can help create an IT disaster and recovery system.

6 Common misconceptions about IT disaster recovery

If you turn on your computer and all of your files are gone? What do you do? How does it affect your business?

If you are hit by ransomware, do you know how quickly you can be back online?

What do you need to return to productivity when vital IT applications or hardware go down?

These situations are examples of IT disasters, and they can halt productivity, damage your reputation, and accrue significant financial losses if they are not handled swiftly and effectively.

What should I back up? | 4 Questions to help you determine what IT systems need backups

What would you do if you turned on your computer and saw only a blank screen? No files or programs to open, just a blank slate. What data are you most worried about losing? Do you know how to get it back?

IT backups are an essential defense against IT disasters because they can restore crucial data and systems if hardware memory is compromised or erased.

IT downtime | What causes it and how to prevent it

What happens if your business productivity comes to a grinding halt?

For every hour of downtime, your company loses money and, sometimes, its reputation.

How would you minimize the downtime to come back online? How could you prevent this from happening in the future?

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent downtime, lost revenue, and damaged reputations.

Backup and Recovery Systems | What they are, and why you need one

What would you do if you turned off your computer and all your files were gone? What would you do if none of the programs worked or had also vanished?

This is stressful on a personal computer, but what if this happened on your work laptop? Or for your office?

Would you have to start from scratch? Or would you have copies of the data saved and ready to reinstall?

Backup and recovery systems safely store data from a designated timeframe in case data is erased or compromised.