Laptops vs. Desktops: Which one is right for your business?

Often, buying a computer for a new employee feels instinctual. "Buy whatever we had before," is an easy reply. However, have you considered what kind of device is best suited for the tasks and expectations?

The differences between desktop computers and laptops have narrowed in recent years, but both have advantages and disadvantages based on their design and functionality.

5 reasons for an IT technician site visit

When you partner with an IT provider, you also receive the benefit of on-site IT technician visits. But what do these visits accomplish, and how do they help your business?

There are five kinds of scheduled IT technician visits:

Site survey
Network administration
Break-fix visit
Post-migration training
Project visit

Each visit has a specific IT-related goal to help systems run more smoothly and effectively.

Technology “End of Life” and “End of Support” | What it means and why it matters

Have you ever received a warning or notice that your computer operating system was reaching End of Life? Or that a software program you use would be at the End of Support soon? What do these phrases mean, and how do they affect your business?

End of Life and End of Support for technology means that it is no longer supported by the makers of these products.

The benefits of hardware warranties

Whenever you purchase a new electronic device, you will hear, “Would you like to add an extended warranty to your device?” It’s one thing to buy a personal device warranty, but what about for business equipment? What exactly is a warranty, and is it worth the price?

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The pros and cons of purchasing hardware through your IT provider

At some point, every business needs new computer hardware. With the ever-changing technological landscape, this involved task takes time and foresight. But how do you know what specifications are suitable for each of your users' specific needs in your organization? What programs should they be using to be the most productive and efficient?

What if I told you that there's a resource that wants to help you find the proper computer equipment without any added stress while saving you time? Someone who would not only find the right equipment but also properly deploy it? It's not a fantasy.