How to determine critical IT systems for an IT service continuity plan

What happens if, suddenly, one of your IT systems fails? Who do you call? How do you respond? How long until you can come back online and continue working?

If you don’t create response plans for IT system failures and emergencies, you could lose valuable data, time, reputation, and profits while gaining immense frustration.

Technology “End of Life” and “End of Support” | What it means and why it matters

Have you ever received a warning or notice that your computer operating system was reaching End of Life? Or that a software program you use would be at the End of Support soon? What do these phrases mean, and how do they affect your business?

End of Life and End of Support for technology means that it is no longer supported by the makers of these products.

Two-factor authentication: what it is and how it protects your organization

Cybercrime is on the rise. Cybercriminals are using the rapidly improving and growing internet to their advantage.

So how do we protect our data from hackers? Is there an accessible tool for both individuals and organizations to keep information secure?

Yes! And it’s called two-factor or multi-factor authentication (2FA or MFA for short).

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