Getting Familiar with Microsoft Teams

As a lot of our clients are getting used to a remote workforce, we're hard at work here at WEBIT putting together some great resources and documentation to help you get the most out of your technology stack.

Today I'd like to share a document we created that introduces Microsoft Teams.

WEBIT Services - Microsoft Teams - Setup and Training

Teams is a collaboration tool from Microsoft much like Slack, but it has so many more features and built in integrations with the Microsoft platforms you already know and most likely use every day.

Some helpful use cases:

  1. Create Channels by Department or Work-group
    You can organize your communications this way to keep conversations manageable so the information gets to the people who need it most in an easy to find place.
  2. Schedule Teams Meetings in Outlook
    You can schedule a Teams meeting right from Outlook and the link to the meeting will appear right in your calendar!
  3. Use on any device
    Desktop, laptop, mobile device.  Take Teams with you wherever you are.  Stay in contact with your team during these uncertain times.

The document includes pictures and instructions on where to find teams and also a link to the Microsoft Teams YouTube training channel.  If you need assistance with this product please reach out to your strategic advisor or our help desk!

Be well and Stay Safe!

Eric Rieger
Founder, Interim Vision Guardian
WEBIT Services, Inc.