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DNSChanger Malware and Monday July 9th, 2012

By now you probably have seen a news report or two regarding the potential "sleeping malware" that may knock thousands of people off the Internet on Monday July 9th, 2012.  If you haven't then here are some links with full details with the how and why this event could impact you and your business

In a nutshell this particular piece of Malware changed the DNS settings on the computers it infected.  This is a common trick malware can do to machine that isn't properly protected and think of it as the equivalent of tricking the post office into delivering your mail somewhere else instead of the intended address.

Since the FBI has been in control of these bad DNS servers after their raid, no one has been really at risk if they were infected but now on Monday they will be shutting them down for good and that means if you were still infected, your machine may not know where or how to look up things on the Internet, effectively bringing the machine offline in that regard.

If you are a WEBIT client rest easy.  Our systems have had you protected from the beginning but to be extra sure we've run scripts through our monitoring system to check each and every machine we manage to make sure no unauthorized changes were made.

For anyone who wants to check their own machine at home or if you're not a WEBIT client, there is a free website you can go to and run a simple test to make sure you aren't affected by this:   Because of the increase in traffic, this site may be a little slow but once it completes it's test you will see a green result if all is well like the one pictured here

DNS Changer Test

DNS Changer Test Results

As always we're here to help.  If you should have any questions at all regarding this or any other security issue, please call our office at 630-870-1088 and one of our trained technicians will be happy to help.

If you think you're business may be at risk, we offer a free security assessment to help you understand what your current risk factors may be and how to protect yourself and your business.  You can find more information and a sign up form here:

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